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Veterinary consultant system

Next generation consultant system under your fingers, Its alpha now and public
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Lung and Heart sounds of Cats and Dogs

You can hear my recorded sounds of heart and lungs, for best simulation use In-Earphone .
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Fear and Distress in Cats

Fear and Distress in Cats

Fear is a normal emotional response to potential threats, and perceptions of threats can be increased in unfamiliar situations or environments. A perceived threat can be anything unfamiliar to the cat, such as a trip to the veterinary practice, a change in the home,... read more

Amikacin – (Amikacin, Amikin) POM

Formulations: Injectable: 50 mg/ml, 250 mg/ml solutions.   Action: Aminoglycosides inhibit bacterial protein synthesis. They are bactericidal and their mechanism of killing is concentration dependent, leading to a marked post-antibiotic effect, allowing prolonged... read more

My CV updated 4-19-2016

My articles accepted in 3rd International Congress of Veterinary Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences and will be presented at May 25 2016, The titles are:  A Comparative Study of The Pattern of Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria Isolated From Healthy and... read more
Purpose of Young Veterinarians Club – YVC

Purpose of Young Veterinarians Club – YVC

Now I came with new idea, So what’s the purpose of young veterinarians club ? Here is club activities program that I want to cover in future: All veterinary schools connected to each other (I hope our ministry of education do something like Erasmus program)... read more
Young Veterinarians Club – CALL TO ARMS

Young Veterinarians Club – CALL TO ARMS

I want to disclose my idea with you people about changing the road map of my site. I have seen many people who came strong but vanished in history due lack of acknowledge of changing the technology in this years.   Recently I talked about Consultant system for... read more

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