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Health Benefits Of Human-Animal Interaction – Part 1

People derive physiological and psychological benefits from interactions with animals. Animals can play a therapeutic and health-promoting role in a wide variety of human health conditions and in settings ranging from the community to primary, inpatient, and long-term health care. Human and veterinary health care providers need to be aware of the potential health benefits […]

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Who are terrorists – Identifying Terrorist Operatives Part 1

There are many terrorists, and they come from diverse social and economic backgrounds. However, the most important thing you should consider is this: The intention of the terrorist operative is to use simple but bold, innovative actions to defeat your security and to render high technology useless. This mode of operations, called “asymmetric warfare” or […]

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Management solution for veterinarians to hire an associate veterinarian in Hospital or clinic

There are no easy formulas, but there are a few factors that need to be analyzed before hiring a new associate veterinarian. Practices need to quantify the anticipated amount of revenues the associate will bring in the first year after the hire and the increase in expenses related to hiring a new doctor. In addition, […]

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Fear and Distress in Cats

Fear is a normal emotional response to potential threats, and perceptions of threats can be increased in unfamiliar situations or environments. A perceived threat can be anything unfamiliar to the cat, such as a trip to the veterinary practice, a change in the home, or the presence of unfamiliar people or other pets. Fear can […]

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UNDERSTANDING GUERRILLA PROPAGANDA An important step in employing psychological techniques is understanding guerrilla propaganda and its effectiveness. US psy-ops personnel have used the SCAME formula to analyse guerrilla propaganda: – Source – Content – Audience – Media – Effects Counter-propaganda operations directed against guerrillas will include denial operations, such as jamming their radio broadcasts and […]

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In the context of counter-insurgency warfare, psychological operations are intended to convince members of the population to support the government rather than the guerrillas, to help identify guerrillas and to separate the guerrillas from the population. Additional benefits of psychological operations are that segments of the population may be convinced to offer active support to […]

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Human-avian bond and Avian behaviour

For pet birds a healthy human-avian bond requires each side to behave in a manner that promotes this bond. Necessary components of a well adjusted and well behaved pet bird include, Respect and trust of the owner and other humans independence and a platonic bond. For hand-reared parrots, the first part of the process is […]

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Provision of ultraviolet radiation for captive parrots

– All parrots kept indoors should be provided with artificial full spectrum light (producing both UV-A and UV-B) for normal vitamin D metabolism and breeding behaviour. – UV-A (315-400 nm) is important for normal vision in birds, allowing them to visualize UV-reflective plumage. This allows for normal breeding behaviour. – Exposure to UV-B (285-315 nm) […]

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Sucessful Coping Strategies Against Criminal and Terrorist in Hostage Situation

1. Have Faith in Yourself and Your Government: As a captive, depression is a common affliction and sometimes seems like an insurmountable obstacle. To survive an abduction and a siege, a positive mental attitude is absolutely necessary. Fortunately, there are many reasons for hostages to have faith in their country and themselves. You at home or […]

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