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My CV updated 4-19-2016

My articles accepted in 3rd International Congress of Veterinary Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences and will be presented at May 25 2016, The titles are:  A Comparative Study of The Pattern of Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria Isolated From Healthy and Diarrheal Pet Feces. Evaluation of The Protective Effect of The Ginger and Thyme Extract on Hemorrhagic […]

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Purpose of Young Veterinarians Club – YVC

Now I came with new idea, So what’s the purpose of young veterinarians club ? Here is club activities program that I want to cover in future: All veterinary schools connected to each other (I hope our ministry of education do something like Erasmus program) Organizing animal welfare volunteer program for field experience (Around the country) […]

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Young Veterinarians Club – CALL TO ARMS

I want to disclose my idea with you people about changing the road map of my site. I have seen many people who came strong but vanished in history due lack of acknowledge of changing the technology in this years.   Recently I talked about Consultant system for veterinarians so why we don’t start a […]

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Update about Site and future works

I was busy over some research studies in economy and veterinary education in Iran, well I can’t say anything about it since I found some powerful cartels (yes we have something like that) in veterinary industry; they stopped my research. Corruption of veterinary industry in Iran is flawless, we don’t have power over this criminals since they exploit the law… The question is What happened to veterinary industry in […]

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Iranianvet consultant system VS Cornell University consultant system

Here is output of our system compared to Cornell system, you decide : – Newcastle disease is subject here Quick access to the systems:   Outputs:   SEO friendly, Expandable content and Fast responding Who is winner ?

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First Post of

START-UP Hello people, today is opening of this website. I had hard time to decide should I make dedicated website for large animals or small animals, as first year of DVM student I can’t choose one of them… I will wait for feedback of people to decide; In categories of I just choose sections that […]

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